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A Plan to Transform a Community

By Jim Watson

Executive Director/Founder

I have spent over twenty-five years helping men and women trapped by addiction and poverty in some of the most challenging communities in our country.  I have learned that the way we do most charity in our country is ineffective in helping a person make long-term changes in his or her life.  Handouts are critical and important for emergency situations, tornados, hurricanes, etc., but do little to alleviate more structural problems that are behind most of today’s societal issues.

Other than for emergencies, indiscriminate charity traps a person more deeply into poverty, and even addiction, by creating dependency on charity as a solution to meeting the recipients needs.  Poverty then becomes a lifestyle and a way of thinking, more permanent in scope, a vision of limits for a person’s life.  Very few, once trapped, escape.  Poverty, welfare and charity go hand-in-hand, creating a permanent underclass, wrecking dreams, destroying initiative, hurting the very people they were designed to help.

Our LifeChange Program works with men that are trapped in addiction.  But addiction is not the only serious issue they face.  Many of them lack the social and work skills necessary for success in today’s world.  They have grown up in a welfare world view that has trapped them in dependency, destroyed initiative and wrecked their imaginations, preventing them from even dreaming of a different life.

LifeChange is a total transformation program designed to help them develop the skills and qualities necessary for success.  Rooted in Biblical Christianity, the program helps them in the following areas:

During their time in the program, they are taught to think like entrepreneurs. The goal is business development that will create a climate that fosters transformative change in the community.  Community change must take place from within.  Our job is to help them help themselves.  With the right tools, they can do anything they set their minds to accomplish.  Won’t you help them help themselves?



We can’t do this without help.  There are many opportunities for you to make a difference in the city of Gary.  Your help is needed.  For more information, please click the link below.

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Jim Watson

An Excerpt from Help Me Change the Book

By Jim Watson

(Available Soon)

Over the years, in my life and in the lives of so many others, I have seen God take impossible people and situations and use them to accomplish something great. Often, when we are faced with our failures, we feel helpless, consigned to frustration and hopelessness, as though our particular hole is too deep for us to ever escape.  We feel that our personal weaknesses have placed us on the back burner of usefulness and productivity.

As I study the Bible, I don’t see a God that is frightened by our failures and shortcomings.  When he sees you face down in the dirt, struggling to breathe, positive that your future is over, do you think God is afraid, fearful that his power is too weak for your problem?  Do your really believe that your situation is so unique that God has no plan for fixing or using it?  When God comes into the picture, what was once a wasted life, becomes productive and useful, a portrait of Christ, a life filled to the brim with meaning and significance.


We provide three hot meals every day for the men in our LifeChange Program.  If your church or business would like to collect food for that purpose, please click below for a list of items we need.

Food Drive

A Place of Spiritual Refuge

Good Samaritan Mission is a place where a man can reconnect with God. It is a place of spiritual healing for the wounded soul, of tranquility from the storms that have wrecked a man’s life and of renewed hope for his future.

Good Samaritan is a place for change and new direction.  It is a place to leave the old life behind and for a new beginning, the first step on a journey that will change a man’s destiny and future.

Addiction was not God’s plan for the men at the mission. They were not created to live a life trapped and ruined by alcohol and drugs.

They were meant to soar, like an eagle, to be free, to live a life filled with meaning and purpose.   

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